Capri marquee (left) and Clearspan marquee (Right)


Where can marquees be erected? Anywhere on a flat surface for example lawns, fields, sports pitches but not on concrete, tarmac and patios.

Do your marquees require guy ropes? No. All our marquees are fixed to the ground using steel rods. This is why they cannot be fixed onto hard surfaces.

What sort of locations have you used before? Our clients have used their own or friends private gardens, cricket grounds, football pitches, beer gardens and woodlands including the South Gloucestershire historic woodland Rocks East Woodland as their chosen location.

How much does it cost? Our prices are very reasonable because there is no VAT to pay. In addition, we have a number of Capri and Clearspan package deals at a further discount off our normal prices. For specially tailored situations, please contact us or complete a quote form.

How far in advance do I need to book? During the spring, summer and autumn seasons, we can get fully booked up at weekends. As soon as you have set a date, contact us to check that we are available on the dates you need.

Who is responsible for insurance? On behalf of the hirer the Company has insured the hired equipment against most forms of accidental loss or damage for which the hirer is responsible under clause 7 of our terms and conditions. The hirer remains responsible for the insurance premium of first £500 for each and every loss. Therefore you might want to take out your own insurance to protect yourself against this eventuality.

What types of marquee do you supply? We have two basic types. Clearspan marquees are rectangluar in shape and have unobstructed interior space. The side panels can be removed to provide openings and links to other marquees or spaces. Capri marquees are an elegant bedhouin tent shape with support poles in the cenral space. The clear side panels can be removed or rolled up to provide openings, ventilation or access.

What can we do ourselves? If you want to want complete control of the catering arrangements, you can hire Oly's hog roast equipment and do the cooking yourself.

When do the marquees get erected and taken down? We always try to erect our marquees in advance of your function so that you have sufficient time to decorate the interior and lay out the furniture the way you want. Afterwards we will dismantle and remove the marquees at a convenient time for you.










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