Capri marquee (left) and Clearspan marquee (Right)


Furniture in Capri  

No matter whether you are catering for small or a large group, having a uniform set of tables and chairs makes a huge difference to the appearance and comfort of your guests at an event.


We have the following types of matching tables:>

  • 6ft Trestle tables suitable for a buffet
  • 6ft Trestle table suitable for a bar
  • 4ft round tables (each seats 6)
  • 5 ft round tables (each seats 8)
  • 5ft 6inch round tables (each seats 10)
  • A Top Table seating up to 9 persons
  • A Cake Table
  • 5ft 6inch Round tables for seating up to 10 persons

To cover all these we have fine linen tables cloths.


We have the following types of matching chairs:>

  • Wooden Banquet Chairs
  • White Bistro chairs
  • Wood folding chairs
  • Plastic folding chairs

Guest seating

Clearspan interior

Top table

Seating arrangement

Our marquees are designed with flexible seating arrangements in mind.