Capri marquee (left) and Clearspan marquee (Right)


All our marquees are modular, free-standing units that can be joined together in various configurations to meet the requirements of the site layout, seating arrangement or functional areas, such as a bar, disco or dance floor.

Our equipment includes the proven Capri and Clearspan brands which are available in a range of sizes and can be free standing units, abutted with buildings or joined together to make a larger covered area.

We offer free site visits without obligation. During a visit we can advise of the ideal placement of our marquees and the configuration that will best suit your needs.

Basic layouts

A simple configuration might be a single, free-standing marquee such as the Capri layout above right.

Capri marquees are available in the following dimensions and maximum capacities seated or standing:

  • 20ft x 20ft / 6.1m x 6.1m (24 seated or 32 standing)
  • 20ft x 30ft / 6.1m x 9.15m (48 seated or 60 standing)
  • 28ft x 38ft / 8.54m x 11.59m (80 seated or 100 standing)

Clearspan marquees are available in the following dimensions and maximum capacities seated or standing:

  • 30ft x 10ft / 9m x 3m (24 seated or 36 standing)
  • 30ft x 20ft / 9m x 6m (48 seated or 72 standing)
  • 30ft x 30ft / 9m x 9m (72 seated or 108 standing)
  • 30ft x 40ft / 9m x 12m (96 seated or 144 standing)
  • 30ft x 50ft / 9m x 15m (120 seated or 180 standing)
  • 30ft x 60ft / 9m x 18m (144 seated or 216 standing)
  • 30ft x 70ft / 9m x 21m (168 seated or 252 standing)
  • 30ft x 80ft / 9m x 24m (192 seated or 288 standing)
  • 30ft x 90ft / 9m x 27m (216 seated or 324 standing)
  • 30ft x 100ft / 9m x 30m (240 seated or 360 standing)

Multiple unit configurations

Any number of identical units can be placed side by side to build larger or more sophisticated configurations. See a twin Capri layout to the right.

Large Multiple arrangements

To provide additional facilities, other sized and shaped units can be placed beside the main units to accommodate a bar, disco, karaoke or stage area. See a triple Capri layout bottom right.

This can prove especially beneficial when you want to segregate or partition off different functional areas without having to re-arrange the main table and seating plan.

Basic layout

Simple single marquee layout

A single marquee is the simplest arrangement of all.


Multiple layout

Multiple arrangement

Marquees can be placed side by side in multiples and are designed to join up seamlessly.


Large multiple unit arrangements

Large multiplearrangement

Several marquees can be dovetailed together to make regular or irregular shapes.